Rossella Donadio talks about her first year as a manager in FCA Autonomy

Rossella Donadio, head of the FCA Autonomy department, was interviewed by Disabili in Auto. For about one year she has been in charge of managing and coordinating the various projects. In addition to the responsibility of such a delicate sector, she came across a completely unexpected situation, a period of strong pandemic.

Dr. Donadio talks about her first approach to a new job, about difficulties and about her passion.

She goes on, supporting her team, praising the entire group that faced such a difficult situation and letting us hope for future projects.
She speaks about the Paralympics, which will be played by the  athletes and testimonials sponsorized by Autonomy.

She talks about the Mobility Centers, which will be strongly supported by the Autonomy program. These structures let experts to evaluate customers’ driving skills, thanks to simulators provided by the group. There, people are supported by physiotherapists who analyze their motor, visual and cognitive skills.

She goes on, thanking their partners, Fadiel, Guidosimplex, Handytech, Kivi, Focaccia, Olmedo and Orion for supporting the group, building cars approved by the Ministry of Transport.

Finally, she gives us a vision of future goals:

“After merging with PSA and the birth of Stellantis, we will have new plans and products. We hope that the activity of Autonomy will become more and more effective and the collaboration with the mobility Centers will spread throughout the territory.”


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